General FAQs

Has anything changed due to COVID-19?

We’ve taken several precautions and safety measures to minimize the risks, however everyone must follow guidelines set out by the relevant Government of Dubai Authorities.


Have the sports changed due to COVID-19?

We have had to adapt this year in light of the COVID-19 guidelines, however we still have some great sports and activities for you to take part in.


Is there an entrance fee to access the venue?

There is no entrance fee, you pay only for the sports facilities you book and use.

What sort of clothing is acceptable across the venues?

Visitors are encouraged to dress modestly and appropriately while at the venue.

Do you have changing rooms?

As per Government of Dubai guidelines, no changing rooms will be available for public use.

Are shower rooms available to use at the venue?

As per Government of Dubai guidelines, there are no shower facilities available.

Are locker rooms available to store personal belongings?

As per Government of Dubai guidelines, for now there are no personal locker facilities available.

Can I take photos inside the venue?

We’re happy for you to take pictures or post videos for personal use but please be respectful towards the privacy of others. For professional photography or videography, please contact our team. Duplays is not responsible for any issues that may arise if you post content without the permission of others.


Can I bring food to the venue?

No, food and drinks are strictly prohibited inside the venue to give our customer the best service possible​

Can I rent sports equipment?

No, We request all users to bring their own equipment and do not share it with others to avoid cross contamination

Is there a smoking area inside the venue?

No, there is strictly no smoking inside the venue.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind about my booking?

All bookings are non-refundable. However, booking can be amended online at least 48 prior to the date of your booking, changes will only be accepted for same sport, court and pitch type and rate conditions. 

Can I get a refund if I miss my booking time?

Unfortunately refunds will not be given for late arrivals. We encourage you to arrive early in order to check in and get your session started on time.

Can I transfer my booking to someone else?

Bookings can be transferred to another player or a new time as long as it is 48 hours prior to booking time slot.

If I use only half of the time of my allocated hour, can I get a refund for the other half?

No, this isn’t possible.

Can I change my booking and choose a different pitch?

Yes, you can do this yourself 48 hours before the initial booking as long as it is for the same sport or pitch and pending availability.

How can I change a booking?

​To change your booking please choose your sport from our Book a Venue page and login using your credentials on our platform, You can then edit your booking from there

Terms & Conditions

1. Bookings are only confirmed after the payment of the shared link

2. Duplays and their partner facilities reserve the right to accept, cancel and amend any booking without reason either before or during the time of your reservation

3. All guidelines and conditions related to Duplays, its Partner facilities and Dubai Sports Council are mandated to be adhered to

4. You may be asked to present a valid identification document by the staff at the facility hence we advice you to carry one for us to be able to serve you seamlessly

5. You accept to be polite and courteous with any and all staff, adhere to instructions provided by them and not overstay your reservation in addition to ensuring no damage to any property and/or litter is made by you or the people accompanying you

6. You accept to indemnify Duplays and their Partner facilities of any loss or damage of personal belongings, any injuries and any health or safety hazard that may directly or indirectly affect you while at our partner facilities

7. By booking on our platform you consent to receiving promotional and marketing communication and opt in to receive any mass communication sent out by us